New Year Resolution: Be True to Yourself and Help Your Daughter to Be True to Herself

My wish for you on New Year’s Eve is that the one resolution you will really keep this year, even more than your diet, is to be true to yourself.  And if you have a daughter, help and encourage her to be true to herself.  I wrote The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything) to help girls and their moms not get caught in some of the social and emotional vices that have plagued women for centuries.  It is easy for us to loose some of the best of ourselves.  We have to always be carol burnett nude pokies vigilent.  We give so much of ourselves, but not always do we give enough to ourselves.  The biggest gift that a ten year old can receive from you is the sense that she is amazing.  She is gifted, smart, funny, wise, inventive, capable and simply wonderful.  And the biggget gift you can give yourself is permission to get back to the energy inside of yourself that is just as marvelous.  You will find yourself living out a true recipe for happiness.

May you and your daughter(s) be blessed in 2009 in truly seeing and loving the best in yourselves.

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