Happiness is Doing a Sand Dance or Maybe It is Lugging Rocks

Yesterday I was with my grandkids and we were in the backyard.  My granddaughter who is four, picked up sand in her hands and started to turn in circles, with graceful movements, her arms extended, as if she were dancing.  Slowly she let the sand drift out of her hands as she turned, calling out, "I’m Sand Dancing."  She did this same routine at least five times, enjoying each ‘Dance.’  Meanwhile, her six year old brother was lugging rocks from one side of the yard to the other in some imaginary construction project.  He interrupted his routine to add dirt to the lugging and some mixing up of the earth with a stick.  He seemed just as happy and certainly as intensely involved in his assignment as his sister was in hers.

It was so fascinating to see each go into their own personal space of delight-one so masculine, the other so feminine.  Both were using Recipes for Happiness that were perfectly portioned. For more information on how to portion your recipes for happiness in daily living, go to my site, www.enchantedself.com and download my free paper, The Seven Gateways To Happiness

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, www.enchantedself.com

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