Women and Happiness

Google Blogs Alert for: "Women happiness" Shodo Class-22nd of January,07By japannow(japannow) They wrote many words: Happy Celebration, left and right, women, happiness.A boy was playing with his toys and did not disturb us. Next shodo class will be on 8th of February starting at 11:00AM.Tsukushiclub Activities – http://nipponnow.blogspot.com/index.html I was so excited to step into […]

More on Happiness

Today, I was reading on line an article written by Mary in Nigeria, for a newspaper, www.thetidenews.com .  She commented on many aspects of happiness but what struck me most was the following: "Children are experts in happiness more than adults. Any adult who can carry the spirit of a child into the middle age […]

Blessings come in so many packages

Dear Readers,  Finally!  I have been able to access my blog again.  I’m so glad to be back.  I’m sharing with you some of my last e-mail newsletter as many of you many not know that I am a Positive Psychologist, focusing on women.  My mission is to educate women in the ways of the […]

Recipe for Enchantment

One way to bring Enchantment into One’s Life is to Help Others … Here is a simple recipe: Take some time over the next month or two to visit a sick friend, relative or stranger. Perhaps there is even a neighbor down the street who could benefit from some company. If you don’t know who […]

Relishing Enchanted Moments

That is a great question.  I think you are talking about those special times in our lives when we feel so alive and filled with a real feeling of personal well-being.  They are the times that we really don’t want to end.  I often call them ‘Enchanted Moments.  ‘We can’t ever have enough of them.  […]

Adventuring–We All Need to Do it!

That is a very good question! Even in times when we are being encouraged to be more careful there is a part of each of ourselves that needs adventure and daring. I certainly know I have that part of me.  It craved travel when I was young and nagged at me until I went to […]

Hi from Dr. Holstein

"Free Conversation Hour" Welcome! Please join Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein for a "Free Conversation Hour" about how to get yourself spirtually stimulated. She will share some of her concepts about the "ENCHANTED SELF," and in the process you will get to share some of your stories as well. "Free Conversation Hour" To be held July […]