Recipe for Enchantment

One way to bring Enchantment into One’s Life is to Help Others …

Here is a simple recipe: Take some time over the next month or two to visit a sick friend, relative or stranger. Perhaps there is even a neighbor down the street who could benefit from some company. If you don’t know who to visit, your minister, rabbi, or priest could easily assign you someone. Here are the simple ingredients to bring with you for the visit:*

  • Make sure the time is convenient.
  • Don’t stay too long.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Be observant.
  • Take an interest in what you can find out about the person just by looking around.
  • Don’t talk about your problems.
  • Make easy, light conversation that includes positive remarks.
  • Maintain a stance of hope and optimism.
  • Listen for and encourage the person to talk about herself. Remember: everyone has a story!
  • Be warm as you leave and give feedback as to what you learned and tell the person that you enjoyed being there.

Leave feeling proud of yourself. "Congratulate yourself on doing a good deed. You have just improved someone’s health by showing her that someone cares."

This is a great recipe because more that one person benefits!

*The ideas for this recipe come from The Hesed Boomerang by Jack Doueck. ‘Hesed’ means doing good.

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