How to Go Away to Come Back

First: Promise yourself to leave at least once a day.

Second: Find three to five minutes for your personal escape.

Third: Escape, replenish or refresh yourself and come back.

Ideas for Going Away:

Walk outside and look around at the sky, the flowers, and passersby. Take three deep breaths and remind yourself about one special positive trait you have.

Keep a pile of your favorite photographs, beautiful clippings from magazines, or some favorite fragrances in your pocketbook or desk.  Take several minutes and enjoy your private stash. Before you go back "in" remind yourself of one of the nicest things that has ever happened to you.

Walk very slowly, breathing deeply as you walk. Repeat a positive word or expression as you do this, such as "the world is a lovely place" or "it feels good to love".

Remember to customize your "leaving to come back" to be uniquely yours. What may give me pleasure and a sense of escape might be meaningless to you. That’s why I only offer ideas. You are the inventor of your personal escape hatch! Have fun and come back refreshed!

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