It’s not always easy to find and open the Seven Gateways to Happiness.  Not because they are locked or giant heavy gates.  The reason it isn’t easy is that opening them means giving some value to ourselves.  This sounds so simple, but so many of us women have trouble valuing ourselves.  We may value our children, our pets and even our garden more than we value ourselves.  Why is that?  Many reasons.  One reason is it takes time to value ourselves.  To value something you have to treat it as special and precious.  Most of us treat our children, certainly babies, that way.  However, to treat ourselves as special and precious means lots of things that many of us are not prepared to do.  Here are some of them:
1. Getting enough sleep;
2. Eating nutritious food;
3. Staying away from bad influences;
4.Having fun;
5.Staying connected to friends and relatives in our best interest;
6.Making sure we get the respect we deserve which can mean learning how to stand up for ourselves;
7.Developing our unique talents and potential.  
So, as you can see, it takes a commitment to ourselves to open the Gates to Happiness.  But once we start to make that commitment the Gates glide open with ease.  It is amazing!
Listen to me for a few minutes now to find out more on how to recognize how special you are!
This is an excerpt from my radio show Your Enchanted Self which airs on Amazing Women of Power. Click the link below to hear the audio.
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