Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein Offers Important Advice And Real Help To Self Published Authors

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein Offers Important Advice And Real Help To Self Published Authors – http://ow.ly/FYtPS

Boredom, NO, Stimulation and Friendship, YES!

Do you know that there is a part of each of ourselves that needs adventure and daring. Boredom is not a healthy state.  We all need change and variety.  The question is how can we get changes in our lives …

Would You Invite Ants to Your Picnic?

Would you? I’m sure you would prefer not to! So my question to you is why would you invite into your life people that are unpleasant and/or not in your best interest?
Sometimes it happens because someone intimidates us. Sometimes …

The Enchanted Aspects of a Woman’s Mind

A woman’s mind is like vibrational energy—it gets more energy or less, it works from one cognitive level or another, and it is surrounded by different tones and frequencies and feelings and smells and behaviors and dreams coming true! How …

Finding Joy after Relationships Fail

Maureen states,  “I didn’t want the book to end.  I want to find to what happens to the girl!”   

Come and listen to this lively conversation about the psychology behind The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know


We all need a sense of wonder and mystery in our lives. Sometimes a fast paced adventure movie or a good mystery read will satisfy that urge inside of ourselves.  But sometimes we need to reach into the past and

Wisdom Secrets to Happiness Brought to you by The Enchanted Self

If we can find the wisdom secrets to happiness, and we can also learn how to integrate them into our lives, how to practice them, find the recipes that go with them and stir that wonderful pot, we can end

We Can’t Dance at Two Weddings!

This expression, We Can’t Dance at Two Weddings is simple yet elegant.  No one can truly do two things at once, even if both are wonderful and engaging.  All of life is deciding which is the road to take and …