As you begin to recognize the positive states of well being from your childhool, i.e., THE ENCHANTED SELF, you can become a better expert at understanding what made them heightened joyful times. It may not be enough to remember a wonderful day that you spent.  For instance, let’s imagine a wonderful day at the circus with your uncle. It is pleasant to recall but it may not teach you enough in order to help you find your own promise. You have to be more specific.  Here are some of the types of questions to ask yourself:
Why did you like that day?
Was it the weather conditions?
Was it the way you felt that day?
Was it being with this particular uncle?
Was it something you saw at the circus that excited you?
Was it something you purchased?
Was it something you ate?
Was it the way the air smelled?
And so on. The more you can specifically isolate what made the memory enchanting, the more you can practice positive states of well being.
I hope you will take the time now to think of a pleasant day from your past and really get back ‘into’ the essence of it by asking yourself similar questions.  I can guarantee that if you do you will have some pleasant feelings aroused and be doing a first step necessary to creating lots of good times in the present and future.

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