Using Our Memories for Rediscovering the Positive in Ourselves

Here is another exercise that involves making positive deposits into your memory bank:
Over the next few days, stay alert to the moments when you are in a good mood. When the moment is right ask yourself the following questions. What is going on? Does it remind you of other good times in your life? Can you list several of these earlier events? What were the best parts of these earlier experiences?
Now gradually refocus your mind on the present. What are you seeing? What are the smells? What are the sounds? How do these sensations make you feel? Be aware of the details, taking the time to savor them as you deposit them into your memory bank. If writing a narrative does not come easily to you, try drawing a picture, writing a poem, or composing a tune. Just do something to capture the moment in a way that is most meaningful to you. Your abilities as an artist, writer, or composer are less important than your desire to relish life     Dr.  Barbara Becker Holstein, .

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