Teach Him To Fish and He Will Have Food for A Lifetime!

They say that if you give a person a fish, he will have food for one day. If you teach him how to fish he will have food for a lifetime!  So when we think of Recipes for Enchantment, remember the more that a Recipe becomes a part of you rather than just a stimulant from someone else, the more often you can get back to pleasurable states of being. That’s why I think one of the first Recipes for Enchantment that I shared with you is still one of the best. It is so personal and easy that you can quickly use it again and again. Remember, we have to practice six or seven times before something begins to be part of us! Here it is once again, to enjoy and practice.

1 Tbsp. of Hope
1 Cup of Positive Memories sifted & separated from negative memories
1 Lost Dream
Add: A Dash of Spice unique to you
Simmer as long as necessary.
When ready, activate and enjoy.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, www.enchantedself.com

Posted in Recipe For Happiness.