Use of Memory to Enhance Pleasure and Meaning -A Positive Psychology Technique that is core to THE ENCHANTED SELF

The field of Positive Psychology research is exploding.  As a positive pscyhologist I am always concerned that people get a sense of what happiness is really all about.  It does take work to be happy.  However, it certainly takes work and strain to be unhappy.  So we might as well work on happiness.  In order to increase happiness of course we need to recognize what we enjoy, what gives us pleasure and also what has meaning in our lives.  We are not just creates of passion, eager to indulge in endless pleasure.  We need MORE.The question that I am concerned about is how to we find that MORE in a way that is consistent with our unique personalities.  MORE for me would certainly not be a golf game, even on a beautiful course in Florida.

The way that we find and examine the MORE is to learn how to use our memory banks in positive rather than negative ways-to search our own unique store of memories and impressions in a way that enhances what is right about ourselves, rather than what is wrong and also enhances our recognition of what the MORE might be for each person.  Stay with me I’ll be back for the next episode in this message… Or go to right now and download my free paper on happiness on the front page..

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

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