A New Approach to Sharing Positive Psychology via Fiction

As a positive psychologist I am determined to share and teach positive psychological concepts in a self help manner that truly works.  The question is how to do that and not be dry or tedious.  How could I pass on the wisdom I have the privelege of understanding and using in a way that women would enjoy the read and still use the inspiration from my book to integrate more fully all the positive parts of themselves and not shy away from their own powers to create a fabulous life for themselves?  How also to create  a read that would help women and their daughters communicate more openly and honestly so that girl would be able to trust that as they grew up they would come into their own and not have to ‘sell out.’
The answer to my question was to let the ‘girl’ come alive.  Let her move away from me and become her own character who knew exactly the book she wanted to write.  And she wrote it!  And the result is a new book, my fourth, THE TRUTH, I’m Ten, I’m Smart and I Know Everything! 
To find out more about the book and read excerpts go to www.enchantedself.com
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
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