The Truth, I’m A Woman, I’m Smart and I Did IT!

Cindy Trope* told me that she had a great experience the other day.  She owns a rental property and the bathroom was in terrible condition.  The sink had to be replaced.  Also, the toilet had to come out temporarily so a new tile floor could be put down.  And everything weighed a ton.  And she is a petite lady.  Could she do this job or would she need to hire a couple of strong men to do the job?  First she figured out a solution for a ‘new’ sink.  She found an old small cabinet that she painted black and put new antique knobs on the doors.  She cut the right holes and fit into the cabinet a sink bowl that she had found on the street.  Once the floor is done she’ll finish installing it and it will look fabulous.  She was already feeling empowered. 

Now, what about the toilet?  She called her brother and he told her how to disconnect the toilet.  He was worried she wouldn’t be able to lift the toilet.  However, she found a hand truck and got the toilet out of the bathroom.  Ah, she was feeling more powerful by the minute.  Now how to get the tiles upstairs?  They were in boxes that weighed a ton.  Ok-she figured that out.  She opened the boxes and took what she could carry.  It took a few trips but what the heck!  She was flying

Cindy had demolished a bathroom by herself!  She didn’t need a strong man, or even two, although strong men are great.  The point was that she tackled a task that seemed beyond her and she did it!  As Cindy said to me, "I am woman, hear me roar!"

Oh-tiling the floor?  That is for another day.  But it will happen.  Trust me and trust Cindy!

There is a great book out for girls, The Daring Book for Girls!  I think there should be one for women also.  Every woman needs a daring success like Cindy had this week.

*Cindy Trope is an artisan and an artist and is the artist who designs and makes all the necklaces, bookmarks, etc. for The Enchanted Self and for The Truth.

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