Writing as a Positive Psychologist: Part 2

Let’s move ahead to the publication of THE TRUTH (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything.   How in the world as a psychologist as a psychologist and a writer, did I end up with my 4th book being fiction, designed for girls, tweens, teens, moms and women, and how does it dove-tail […]

Writing as a Positive Psychologist: Part 1

It is always interesting to learn about the writer behind the book. For example, I was delighted to find out that the passionate woman behind the memoir I am currently reading, Silver Pages on the Lawn, is well into her 90’s! Somehow that reassures me about my own aging. I was also delighted to find […]

Divorcing Daze, Laurie, interviews Positive Psychologist Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Come and listen to the latest podcast on www.divorcingdaze.com  I’m interviewed by Laurie and we discuss divorcing from a positive psychology perspective.  I share information about the Seven Gateways to Happiness and basic components necessary to handling stress and conflict when we are dealing with difficult situations.  And of course, we discuss the children also.   […]