Recipe for Happiness

Once again I was looking at my teabag quotes.  The other day my Yogi tea simply said, "Keep Up".  I thought that was a wonderful simple Recipe for Happiness. If we can keep up with whatever is important at each stage of life than we have a chance to live that stage to the fullest.  For instance, if I can ‘keep up’ with healthy food eating than I have a better chance to be healthy at any time in my life.  If I can ‘keep up’ with the innovations that exist in my culture than I have a better chance to understand them and integrate easier, perhaps quicker ways of doing ‘task’ chores into my day, leaving more time for pleasure.  If I can ‘keep up’ with feeling upbeat and optimistic than I have a greater chance of having more energy to expend and to feel good any day.  So it is critical to ‘KEEP UP’.  How wise a Recipe.

Hope to hear back from you.  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,

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