Recipe for Enchantment

Take anything simple, grown from the earth, such as an ear of corn. Modify your own recipe based on my example:

– Hold it in your hand.
– See how it feels against your skin.
– Peel down one piece of stalk.
– Rub your hand against the kernels.
– See how they feel against your fingers.
– Look at the color and savor the essence of a true natural tone of yellow.
– Now smell the ear of corn.

I am sure that as you smell the earthy freshness you will feel refreshed–perhaps as if you just arrived on a farm for a visit. Does the aroma bring back any pleasant memories for you? Take your time–when fully refreshed cook the corn and enjoy every mouthful.

You have done service to your spirit by helping to enhance your vitality and many dimensions, and you have done service to the ear of corn — hopefully eating it with delight.

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  1. “Courage is daring to take that first step, or a different path, it is the decision to place your dreams above your fears.”

    I just received this quote from a lovely lady who has gone through adversaries and still send love and hope to many others. I wanted to share the quote with all of you! Dr. Holstein

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