Recipe for Enchantment

Today I thought it would be helpful to just review some of the ingredients that make up THE ENCHANTED SELF way of living.   Hope you enjoy ‘cooking’ with me, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist.

THE ENCHANTED SELF promotes a positive review of your life and encourages life style changes that lead to living a more joyful, authentic and meaningful life.

Once you know how, it is just as easy to practice positive states of mind and body, as it is to repeat negative behaviors.

I emphasize using your memories for positive, life enhancing purposes.

I encourage reviewing your past to see that has given you pleasure and joy.

I also help you rediscover talents and lost potential.

Always I emphasize what is right with you rather than what is wrong.

Let’s give energy and support to:

  • Remembering the best,
  • Practicing pleasure,
  • Going for our potential!

Don’t forget: for those of you unfamiliar with THE ENCHANTED SELF, please visit my website for more background on THE ENCHANTED SELF

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