Nancy Drew and YOU and THE TRUTH by Barbara Becker Holstein

If you are at all like many girls and women in the United States, Nancy Drew served as an important figure in your life at one time or another.  For me, she was VERY important when I was nine, ten, and even eleven.  I would wait with high anticipation if I knew my mother was coming home from shopping and might have a new Nancy Drew book with her.  If she did, my next week was sure to be close to heaven.  I would have a mystery to solve along with Nancy and all the positively luscious feelings of excitement I would be bound to feel as I accompanied her on her newest adventure.  Forget her close buddies, they were only silly girls.  I was dedicated, as she to solviing mysteries, and I was there for her.  Oh, it was a wonderful adventure-whatever it was.  And when it came to an end I had a let down that could only be compensated in one way-a long bike ride and the beginning alure of the next Nancy Drew book. 

I think that Nancy Drew was an important icon figure to me because in terms of Positve Psychology, she gave me hope.  She validated that I was smart.  After all, I figured out at least some of the mysteries before she did.  She gave me a sense of competency.  If she could do it, so could I.  I just hadn’t had the right opportunity yet, so for now I accompanied her.

She reinforced my strengths and interests.  I could figure people out.  I could travel, if only my parents would let me.  I could act very grown-up and be a leader.  After all, I was on the Student Council.  Yes, everything about her was affirming to me.  Even her boyfriend gave me hope that someday I would have a boyfriend just as nice and kind and loving,  In fact, Nancy Drew was probably the best therapy I had in my life from the ages of 9-11.  And she didn’t even know she was a Positive Psychologist!

So, how was Nancy Drew for you?  Please write and share with me.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Positive Psychologist, .

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