Having just the right ingredients

Secret Ingredient fro enchantmentOften people think of enchantment as being under a magical spell.  When you think of magic you may even imagine putting together a potion that will create a desired spell. How long the spell will last can be a question for magicians or it may be an answer you may be able to answer yourself.

Like all good things you need to have the right ingredients to make it work.  A great meal, a fantastic desert and many more treats requires the right balance. Having the right ingredients is not only for food but rather for anything we choose to do in life.

What does the perfect enchantment require? A pinch of this and a dash of that. A hint of this and a tad of that. Let’s not forget that all ingredients should be stirred. When we are able to mix all of the key elements and ingredients we want to use we find that even the smallest amounts of something can make everything else seem amazing.

What are some of the ingredients you use for your enchantment?


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