Always reaching for that rising star

Isn’t life just grand? If you are like most ordinary people that is not what you say each day. Yes. Life is grand but there are many obstacles that come in our way for letting us see how truly wonderful life really is.

You and I and other people you know have talents. Have you ever heard someone say to someone : “ I didn’t know you could …. How come you never talked about it or have done anything with your talent of….?” Where do our hidden talents remain when we are not using them? Better yet, why are they in hiding?

We are not here to answer the question but rather look for solutions. Do we enjoy dancing, baking, painting and so many other creative ways to express who we truly love to be? Of course! Then what we have to do is find a way to stay in this frame of mind for longer periods rather than just short glimpses of our reality.

Think about it-What is it that enabled you this time to go out of your zone to be and become or do what you truly love to do? Close your eyes… imagine a space that this can be your everyday reality…

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