Gratitude Verses Positive Action as a Path to Happiness

Gratitude is a marvelous practice, yet as a positive psychologist I have to share my clinical experiences.  It is not an easy practice!  When we are down, whether we are grieving, sad, hurt, or maybe, unfortunately, a combination of these difficult feelings, we are not interested in running through a list of what has worked in our lives, or even how we have grown.  I often suggest to people that during these times we try instead the mental health gift of positive action.  Whether we force ourselves to say hello to someone and admire their outfit or hairdo, or whether it comes easily to do a favor of someone-just giving out instead of going back inside of ourselves, will improve our state of mind.  It may not work instantly, but it will work.  Over the last week, since New Year’s, I’ve been practicing saying, "Happy New Year" to strangers.  They are pleased, although sometimes surprised.  Me, I have felt good many moments when I might not have otherwise!  Try it, you’ll like it.
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Positive Psychologist and Happiness Coach,

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