Gateway Two: Falling in Love with Ourselves

This is an extremely important gateway. This gateway is achieved after we have made efforts to reclaim and honor our talents, capacities, strengths, lost potential and coping skills.

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  1. On channel 4 in the morning show- today, June 20th, 2005, Bob Dawson showed a family in Eureka Kansas. The son has limited sight and the dad lost two other children. They healed by building a gigantic golf course that the son loves to play and now they have opened it for free to anyone disabled. Youngsters come and play and love it and the son’s dog retrieves the balls for anyone who doesn’t like his shot! It is a win-win for everyone. And that is what The Enchanted Self is about-finding ways, even through pain to create happiness and a win-win situation for all involved! Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

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