Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein shares another recipe for Enchantment

In a little book, A Kindness A Day, I found the following quote:

Don’t honk your

horn unnecessarily

while driving.

Now at first you might not think this is a Recipe for Enchantment.  But it really is.  Can you imagine a world with less loud harsh, unexpected noises?  Your own emotions and thoughts would not be suddenly jarred.  Your adrenalin wouldn’t start to flow for now reason.  The day could continue its lovely melody and even the birds along your way would be able to sing without needless interuption. Everything and everyone would be happier.

Remember, every improvement we make creates more harmony in the world and inside of ourselves.  So the above certainly deserves to be a Recipe for Enchantment.

Happy Driving!

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, www.enchantedself.com

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