Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein on Ebru satellite tv

The show, Daily Connections, in which Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, author of a new book for girls and their mom’s, The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything) is featured, discussing "Talking to your Tween about teasing, gossiping and reputations"  (episode 222) is airing  Monday, February 25th at 10 AM and at […]

The Truth, I’m A Woman, I’m Smart and I Did IT!

Cindy Trope* told me that she had a great experience the other day.  She owns a rental property and the bathroom was in terrible condition.  The sink had to be replaced.  Also, the toilet had to come out temporarily so a new tile floor could be put down.  And everything weighed a ton.  And she […]

The Truth is….

"The Truth is people shouldn’t make fun of you, it really hurts!" "The Truth is parents should let their kids do things for themselves." What do you think about these ‘truths’?  Are they true for you?  They are for the girl in The Truth, (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything).   What […]

How Girls can Face The Truth

How girls can face The Truth Tween expert Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein is helping girls and mothers achieve their authentic selves February 28, 2008, Long Branch, NJ – – Every tween today faces social aggression, questions about their parents’ relationships, gossip and crushes. In response to the crises young girls face today, positive psychologist Dr. […]

We All Have A Sweetheart!

There is a saying going around that goes something like this:  On the day you were born your were given a sweetheart for the rest of your life.  Do you kow who it is?  It is yourself! This sums up a profound truth.  Of course we are all hopeful and desirous of a special partner […]

Happiness as a Gross National Product

As a positive psychologist I have been battling 15 years to help women and girls in the United States have the courage and know how to stop internalizing the materialistic, looks oriented messages of our culture that in most cases can only led to frustration and personal disappointments!  Happiness as a gross national product is […]