How Girls can Face The Truth

How girls can face The Truth

Tween expert Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein is helping girls and mothers achieve their authentic selves

February 28, 2008, Long Branch, NJ – – Every tween today faces social aggression, questions about their parents’ relationships, gossip and crushes. In response to the crises young girls face today, positive psychologist Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein has written The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything!) (Enchanted Self Press, Feb. 2008). 

The Truth for young girls is that it’s OK to be unique individuals, have fun and delight in the wisdom of being young. Behind this fictional diary written by a young girl, are psychological messages about happiness for both daughters and mothers….

I thought you would be interested in reading some of the press release about my new book.  I be sharing more over the next few days.  I’m looking for mothers and daughters to both read the book and send in their reactions and comments.  Write to me at  I will be sending out Truth Necklaces as prizes for responding.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
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