We all need a sense of wonder and mystery in our lives. Sometimes a fast paced adventure movie or a good mystery read will satisfy that urge inside of ourselves.  But sometimes we need to reach into the past and see that all through the centuries people have reported strange phenomenon, and of course, even miracles.  Even […]

The Pleasures of Making Grandma’s Memories My Own

Each season requires special behaviors and activities on our part to optimize for ourselves living a purposeful and happy life. We actually have to practice our positive emotions, just as the champion tennis player practices her swing. We have to try to use our mental capacities as fully as possible, our cognitive capacities for thought, […]

Bliss is Everywhere

"Bliss is everywhere.  You just have to unwrap it." * This is a wonderful comment and I would agree.  There is potential bliss in so many moments of our lives if only we knew how to get there, instead of ‘here’.  ‘Here’ being somewhere that is less than blissful.  One way to get ‘there’ is […]

Chinese New Year Evokes Good Memories!

The Chinese new year is tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! Two days. Tomorrow is the end of the Year of the Pig (2007), according to the Chinese lunar calendar, and the day after tomorrow is the first day of the Year of the Mouse(2008). So we have two days for celebration. At this moment […]