Seven Secrets to Living a Miserable Life!

Seven Secrets to Living a Miserable Life!

You know that I usually talk about the secrets to living a great life. After all, I am a positive psychologist and originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF. But I’ll talk negatively also, if I think I have a chance at convincing my audience to start to look at life from a more positive vantage point. So here are my 7 Secrets to Living a Miserable Life:

1. Constantly put yourself down.

2. Worry, worry, worry.

3. Dwell on every little thing that has one wrong in your life.

4. Focus on your weaknesses.

5. Think that your future will be as lousy as your past.

6. Practice being in a bad mood.

7. View yourself as nothing special.

Let me know what you think of this list and trust me, I have the cure for the above complaints!

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