reading mama blog reviews The Truth, (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everythng)

I am always so happy when kids review my book.  Read what this 11 year old had to say today on

"I am very excited that my daughter read The Truth and wrote a review about it. She is 11 years old just the right age for this book. When she completed reading it she said it was cool and that she could relate to the girl. Here is her complete review:

‘I’ve read The Truth by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein. I really

enjoyed it very much. I can really related to The Truth because it told about how girls really feel. I could feel how the girl was feeling as she was going through crushes, family, and her dreams. The Truth told what girls want and what it takes to achieve it.

I truly recommend The Truth to girls my age and a bit older. I believe most girls would and could relate to and enjoy The Truth.’

Thanks for the review!  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,

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