Children, Friends and Pets Make Us Smile

"Children, friends and pets are more likely to make us smile than a big wad of cash, according to a new survey.
The AC Nielsen survey, polled 1471 Australians to find out what made them smile.

The saying that ‘money can’t buy happiness’ was confirmed in the survey which revealed 91 per cent of the Australians rated factors other than money as things that make them smile.

The survey found that children and babies made 33 per cent of people smile, followed by family and friends (28 per cent), then pets and animals (22 per cent), nature (8 per cent), while money only made 6 per cent of the smile factor.

Dr Timothy Sharp from the Happiness Institute said the results indicated people gained more happiness from relationships. The findings support the theory that happy people have more and better quality relationships than those who don’t smile, because it is an important non-verbal sign we give to others as a way of sharing and eliciting positive emotions, say the researchers.Work on relationships and happiness will eventually follow in time."

The above quote comes from an article today in the India Times.  It sums up some very important research.  We need our relationships and they do make us smile.  Money is important and essential but it won’t make us smile the way playing with a baby will or even walking your dog and saying hello to neighbors.  Plan to smile a lot the next few days.  It will feel good and probably not cost much.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,

Posted in Positive Psychology.