Finding Joy after Relationships Fail

Maureen states,  “I didn’t want the book to end.  I want to find to what happens to the girl!”    Come and listen to this lively conversation about the psychology behind The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything). Archives: Finding Joy after Relationships Fail with Maureen Staiano – Contact Talk Radio Bookmark […]

Displaced Homemakers at Brookdale Community College

I’ve been speaking to a group of Displaced Homemakers this month at Brookdale Community College, in their Eastern Branch of Monmouth Country, New Jersey.  It has been so wonderful.  During the first meeting I shared with them The Seven Gateways to Happiness (which you can download for free on the home page of  Then […]

I’m Ready to Be a Hip Hop Grannie!

The Olympics are over but my mind is still full of the excitement and thrill of watching the games in China. I’m also still thinking about the Hip Hop Grannies that I saw in one of the portraits of everyday life in China. These gals get together every morning and do everything from oriental forms […]

Women Power Talk Radio interviews Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein on The Enchanted Self   You have got to listen to my interview with Raven on Women Power Talk Radio at the above address.  Just scroll down and you will see the interview archived. We cover so many inspirational ways to apply ENCHANTED SELF methods to your life, today!  Raven is a remarkable woman.  She herself is a living example of an Enchanted […]