Bullying increases risk of depression and more

I heard on ABC Now News today that bullying can increase the risk of depression and even suicide.  These are serious findings. For more information fo to www.abc.com and go to the on call section. Every day, in every way possible we need to help kids, teens and tweens to not be bullied.  We also need to help the bully so he or she doesn’t have the rage or hurt inside to be a bully.  We have a big task but we can do it.

Some pointers: 1.  In your family life don’t make fun of each other or bully.  Remember that kids model what they see!

2.  If you child talkd about a bully in school or the neighborhood LISTEN and stay alert.  If you see any changes in your child, even small ones like leaving the dinner table early, talk to her and see what is going on.

3.  Remember you are the grown-up and take responsibility if necessary.  If you think you had better speak to a teacher, guidance counselor or principal about your child being bullied or your child showing some traits as a bully, do it!

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, www.enchantedself.com and author of Tween book for kids and their moms: The Truth, (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything.)

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