Amazing Women of Power

Spring is in the air!  We are now entering Spring and so much has happened already.  I have been participating in radio shows with AWOP (Amazing Women of Power).  AWOP is under the umbrella of Raven International Media Productions as: “Amazing Women Power Talk 24.7 Radio Network.” I am thrilled to be a host on this station with such outstanding, inspirational women and some men!  We are all invested in inspirational messages.  My show, Your Enchanted Self, is designed to help women, like myself and you, reclaim their Enchanted Selves, resulting in freeing the power inside of ourselves that already exists, so that we can reach our potential and live out our dreams.  Stop in on any Tuesday and listen to my show.  It is an easy and convenient way to learn all about how to access the Seven Gateways of Happiness every day.  So much is happening.  You will not be disappointed; I promise!

The show air’s every Tuesday, 9:30 A.M./2:30 P.M. Central Standard time at

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