A Blessing to End the Work Week

May you never fall behind the important tasks in your life
May you be able to let go of the ones that don’t need to be done
And may you celebrate with friends and loved ones a week well spent!
We all need to feel good about ourselves.  Sometimes that means feeling we look good.  Sometimes it means feeling satisfied with the way we are eating, or getting along with our spouse.  And sometimes it just means feeling that we can stay on top of all our chores and responsibilities.  All are realistic needs that I take into account, as a positive psychologist.  I have them and probably you do, also! 
Celebrate your life every chance you can get.  You’re doing a great job in what can be a tough world!  Give yourself a break this weekend.  You’ll feel so much better when the alarm goes off on Monday morning!
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Posted in Blessings.