The Daring Book For Girls

I thought you might relate to the review I just did on Amazon for The Daring Book For Girls.  After all, we are all still ‘girls’ or ‘boys’ somewhere inside of ourselves.  Our youngster days don’t just disappear.  They may fade a little, but the energy and fun in those days is still a gift […]

Crushes, We all have had them

As most of my readers know, I’m a positive psychologist.  I’m fascinated with lots of the universal struggles that most of us seem to go through.  One that I find repeated again and again is the secret crush that tweens and teens often have.  Almost everyone has been there and it can be very exciting […]

A Fourteen year old boy in Pasadena agrees with the ‘girl’ in The Truth, (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything) And the truth is it is not nice to swear

Gosh darn! Cussing banned in California town-taken from CNN news South Pasadena declares first week of March as No Cussing Week Mayor hopes proclamation will "elevate the level of discourse" Anti-swearing drive started with teen who founded high school’s No Cussing Club _________________________________________________________________ This news is so exciting.  As a positive psychologist, a school psychologist, […]

Bullying increases risk of depression and more

I heard on ABC Now News today that bullying can increase the risk of depression and even suicide.  These are serious findings. For more information fo to and go to the on call section. Every day, in every way possible we need to help kids, teens and tweens to not be bullied.  We also […]