Happiness as a Gross National Product

As a positive psychologist I have been battling 15 years to help women and girls in the United States have the courage and know how to stop internalizing the materialistic, looks oriented messages of our culture that in most cases can only led to frustration and personal disappointments!  Happiness as a gross national product is […]

Chinese New Year Evokes Good Memories!

The Chinese new year is tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! Two days. Tomorrow is the end of the Year of the Pig (2007), according to the Chinese lunar calendar, and the day after tomorrow is the first day of the Year of the Mouse(2008). So we have two days for celebration. At this moment […]

Wisdom from Eva Longoria Parker

I heard Eva Longoria Parker say on morning TV that sometimes "playing in a different sandbox for awhile" is so important.  In fact, I would say, as a positive psychologist, that often it is just what the ‘Doctor’ ordered.  It helps us get our minds off of ourselves.  It gives us a chance to meet […]