“The Secret”book- Many Recipes For Happiness

Here’s a quote from the sensational new book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  She states on page 118, "Many people have sacrificed themselves for others, thinking when they sacrifice themselves that are being a good person.  Wrong! To sacrifice yourself cn only come from thoughts of absolute lack, because it is saying, ‘There is not enought for everyone so I will go without.’ Those words do not feel good and will eventually lead to resentment…..Your job is You.  When you make feeling good a priority, that magnificent frequency will radiate and touch everyone close to you."

This is a great Recipe for Happiness.  Particularly for women, I find that sacrificing ourselves for others simply leads to depletion, fatigue, anger, and an emotional gas tank that is trying to run on empty.  At best we just feel cranky and tired.  At worst we can feel depressed.  This is very serious business for women.  That is why in my Seven Gateways to Happiness, the privotal Gateway is the Gateway of Replenishment and Joy.  Without taking the time to walk through that Gateway and to know how to ‘feed’ yourself emotionally, physically and spirtitually, you will not ‘feel good.’  And eventually you will not have the energy to even help those you most care about.  This is a given, as in The Truth, the Law of Attraction is presented as a given.

Here is a simple Recipe for Happiness to get you started: 

Close your eyes and see yourself doing three things that make you feel good.  Try to actually feel again that positive sensation you had in the past.  Was it in your whole body?  Was it a pleasant feeling of comfort, of being loved, of feeling protected?  Try to get back to some of the actual sensations. Good.

Pick one of the activities and modify it if you need to.  For example, you love to go to the Opera but that is not realistic for today.  Modification could be to go to the library and take out a CD of a beautiful opera to listen to in the car.

Do at least one of these acitivities that make you feel good over the next three days.

Enjoy and you will be ‘cooking’ up some good food for your sense of  well-being and also replenishing yourself

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Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, www.enchantedself.com.  Positive Psychologist and Happiness Coach