Group Coaching Program

Connect with Dr. Barbara and other like-minded individuals.

For Women

Our group coaching program allows you to connect with Dr. Barbara and other like-minded women in a wonderfully supportive virtual environment. Join us as I guide you successfully through what I call the Seven Gateways to Happiness™. To get started, all it takes is a free twenty-minute consult for us to mutually assess whether you are ready to ask for More Happiness, Please! We will then follow it with weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions on the telephone. We also offer one-on-one coaching for anyone interested.

Contact Dr. Barbara for more information on fees, arrangements, and other details.

For Mental Health Professionals

I offer Enchanted Self Coaching for the Mental Health Professional and Allied Professional, as vital replenishment for those of us who daily give so much. Easy to arrange, also with a free consult as mentioned above, the weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions will help you replenish emotionally, while giving you the tools to bring a positive paradigm shift into the treatment room. You and your clients will be uplifted as strengths, talents and lost potential emerge, even as problems are tackled. You will find yourself experiencing less fatigue or burn-out at work, while delighting in seeing your clients respond to The Enchanted Self approach with enthusiasm, hope and resilience.