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Ocean Township, NJ, January 2001 -- Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, author, life coach, and originator of The Enchanted Self, has just completed her second book: RECIPES FOR ENCHANTMENT, The Secret Ingredient is YOU!  The book will be available for sale in paperback by the end of January.  The e-book version is available in PDF file format now for just $4.95 and can be ordered via the publisher, First Books LibraryÔ, at www.1stbooks.com.


RECIPES FOR ENCHANTMENT is a culmination of over ten years of work and research in the field of personal enchantment by Dr. Holstein.  She teaches us how to recall positive memories, regardless of our history, recognize our potential, and bring into our lives more of what gives us pleasure and joy.  This is all combined with daily positive actions.  A joy to read, you will learn how to “cook up” delicious days for yourself and live a “Recipe for Enchantment”.


This is a breakthrough book combining psychology/self-help with inspiration.  Psychology/self-help activities are beautifully interwoven with inspirational stories that teach the most basic recipe: incorporate within our daily life positive actions, combined with our unique positive thoughts and feelings!  The rest will take care of itself as if by magic!


Come meet two street children from Brazil who profoundly influenced, for the good, a sophisticated American woman.  Read about Sal, a soldier suffering from an almost fatal wound, miraculously saved by love letters.  Meet Joey, a young boy so sick with cancer that his family was losing hope, whose condition dramatically improved when a teacher simply did her job.  You will meet all these people, and many more, in RECIPES FOR ENCHANTMENT.  Their stories will inspire you. They will help you realize that by acting in positive ways, we can all make a difference.


Dr. Holstein's approach to therapy is positive psychology, which can be achieved through exploring positive, rather than negative memories.  In Dr. Holstein’s view, it isn’t enough to discover and solve our problems.  In her words, “we also need to look at how our accomplishments and joys could be applied productively to all aspects of our lives, even our most difficult challenges.”  It is through the uncovering of happy experiences, that she believes people can achieve true fulfillment.


Dr. Holstein has been a psychologist in private practice and is licensed in the state of New Jersey and Massachusetts since 1981.  She is passionate about teaching us how to live lives of joy and meaning and has been spreading her message of enchantment through print and electronic newsletters, workshops, tele-classes, radio, and her web site at www.enchantedself.com.  Her first book, The Enchanted Self, A Positive Therapy, was published in 1997 by Harwood Academic Publishers and is now in its second printing.


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