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Happiness, For Women Only!


New Radio Show May 2007


Dear Readers, 

Are you aware that I have a new radio show that is focusing JUST on  women's happiness? 

In fact, it is called Happiness, For Women Only! 

You can listen to the show on the web.  I'm excited to announce a series on Women's Happiness Development.  All shows will be heard live on  on Fridays at 2:30-3:00PM, EDT.  And all shows will be available 24/7 to download or listen to as a Podcast. 

This series will focus on four different age groups as seen below.  Happiness will be viewed through the lenses of The Seven Gateways to Happiness.  For a copy of a paper outlining all of the Seven Gateways to Happiness, click:

Of course, I am the host of the series.  I will be accompanied by two outstanding guests: Dr. Sandra  Prince-Embury, nationally know resiliency expert and author of The  Resiliency Scales for Children and Adolescents and Martha Trowbridge, author of books on Inspiration For Women in Crisi.

May 18, 2007 "The Enchanted Girl"

May 25, 2007 "The Grown-up, Maybe" (ages 20-35)

June 1, 2007 "Women and Wisdom Gathering" (Ages 36-49)

June 8, 2007 "Welcome, The Enchanted Self AARP Woman!" (Ages 50plus)

Take Care,

Dr. Barbara

— © Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

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