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Enchantment in an E-mail - May 2005
Produced by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein,
Psychologist, Happiness Coach, and Originator of

Welcome to the May 2005 issue of The Enchanted
Self's e-newsletter!  The following is what you will find 
in this month's issue. 
- Recipe for Enchantment 
- Share Your Enchantment!
- Quote of the Month
- Blessing of the Month 
- Announcements & Ordering information
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- E-group: Connect with others like you!
  ** e-Radio Magazine **

Recipe for Enchantment #50

Here is a wondeful Recipe for Enchantment that never 
fails because it uses the power that lies within 
each one of us. The secret to creating a delicious 
serving of this recipe is to 'cook' it sooner, rather 
than later!  This Recipe was sent in by Jill H. Lawrence of 
Ruby Slippers.*  
"For me, the most significant message from the Wizard 
of Oz is the fact that all Dorothy had to do was to 
click her heels and go within herself to create her 
desired outcome. She had mistakenly believed that the 
power lay outside herself, most specifically in the 
Wizard.  If she had only recognized that the power 
was within her all along, she could have saved herself 
a lot of angst and trauma not to mention altercations 
with the Wicked Witch! In the end, when she was out 
of other options, she was forced to count on herself 
and manifest her own great power. Her message is our 
message: the power is within."
*For more inspiration from Jill stay tuned to my next 
e-magazine, THE ENCHANTED SELF, out on May 20th, on 
which she is a guest.  Go to and 
then to THE ENCHANTED SELF e-magazine.


by Ellen Saposnik

It all started when an article in the local Jewish 
Journal caught my eye.  A young girl had decided to sew 
teddy bears with her friends and then personally 
deliver them to a children’s hospital in Israel during 
her travels as a Bat Mitzvah project.  Turning thirteen 
and assuming adult responsibilities in the Jewish 
religion is a significant step for a young person to 
take.  The celebration has even greater significance 
when coupled with a special project.  I had already 
accepted a position as Vice President or Social Action 
at Temple Sinai in Delray Beach, Florida when this 
article caught my eye, so I filed it for future 
Collecting teddy bears had been my passion for the past 
twenty-one years and my motto is “You can never have 
enough bears!”  These cute cuddly stuffed animals have 
found a way into my home and into my heart.  Why no 
sponsor a “Teddy Bear Drive” as a Social Action project 
at Temple Sinai and then send the bears to children’s 
hospitals in Israel?  Our congregation has the distinct 
reputation of being and extremely friendly, caring and 
warm group of individuals inspired by Rabbi Chaim 
Wender and Cantor Jennifer Werby.  Rabbi Chaim and 
Cantor Jennifer are friendly, gracious, inspiring and 
dynamic!  Surely our members would each bring in a 
small stuffed bear that would brighten the day for a 
sick child. 
We coordinated a “Teddy Bear Drive” at Temple Sinai in 
December 2004 and partnered with Hopewell Institutional 
Baptist Church in Boynton Beach, Florida under the 
leadership of Reverend E. Nicholas Austin.  My close 
friends were members of this local church and we joined 
together to do good deeds for sick children.  After a 
few weeks, there was a collection of 156 stuffed 
animals, mostly teddy bears but also dogs, tigers, 
dinosaurs and even a pink octopus from Elayna Goodman, 
the six-year-old grand daughter of our Temple 
President.  There were bags of bears everywhere; in my 
car and all over my living room. 
A close friend who lives in Israel supplied me with 
e-mail addresses and contact names from some hospitals 
he felt would welcome the bears.  Reaching out across 
the ocean via e-mail was both exciting and gratifying 
as friendships developed through this special project.  
Two hospitals in Israel expressed delight and 
appreciation for being included in our project.  My 
next step was packing and mailing our four large boxes 
of teddy bears specifically to brighten the days for 
sick and injured children. 
Imagine our excitement when we received e-mail photos 
of children of all ages, hugging our bears and stuffed 
animals at Emek Medical Center in Afula and Schnieder 
Children’s Medical Center of Israel in Petach Tikva.  
The bears and other stuffed animals had safely arrived 
across the ocean, far away in Israel.  Members of both 
Temple Sinai and Hopewell Institutional Baptist Church 
really performed an act of loving kindness together! 
Everyone can perform and act of kindness; no act is 
ever too small.  Everyone can bring sunshine into the 
life of a sick child!  Everyone’s efforts can make the 
world a brighter place and that is exactly what 
happened with our recent “Teddy Bear Project” at Temple 
Siman in Delray Beach, Florida. 
And you know what? Next year we will sponsor the “2nd 
Annual Teddy Bear Drive” as a continuing project 
because the rewards are tremendous!  Why not starts a 
tradition at your house of worship, school, club, 
social organization or family group?  All you need is a 
box full of bears and a heart full of love! 


Share Your Enchantment!

Share your positive stories and questions about
enchantment with us and other Enchanted Self
readers around the globe! Our twice monthly e-zine
focuses on YOU and reaches a subscriber list of
almost 2,800 people from the US, Canada, Australia,
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Please send stories, comments, and questions to

Inspirational quote of the Month

"The Value of a Smile: It enriches those who receive, 
without impoverishing those who give; it happens in 
flash and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever."
Author Unknown, Taken from The Hesed Boomerang, 
How Acts of Kindess can enrich our lives.

Blessing of the Month

May the power and energy to do good deeds and take 
positive action follow you all the days of your life!


Special Offer for Subscribers

Lots of readers ask me how to really start to find 
their Enchanted Self. What is the best way? One ideal 
path is to read Recipes for Enchantment, The Secret 
Ingredient is YOU! and also listen to the cassette of 
CD version of THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy.  
These two together really get you going. 
Recipes for Enchantment is a collection of enchanting 
and motivational short stories and the follow up 
exercises which allow the reader to relate the messages 
to their own experiences.
The Enchanted Self, A Positive Therapy, shares that we 
live joyfully when we learn how to use our memories to 
retrieve our talents, strengths and even our lost potential. 
The result is a joyful re-inventing of ourselves in ways 
that uniquely suit us and our circumstances. You will 
also enjoy listening to me as I share lots of people's 
stories, including my own. I am excited to offer you this 
package so that soon you will be having so many more 
"enchanted moments". 
The combination is simply irresistible!
As a spring special I am eager to send both to you at 
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Secret Ingredient is YOU! and the CD version of The 
Enchanted Self, the cost is $27.00 including postage
Both are greatly reduced. I really want you to have them!
You can send me a check at 170 Morris Ave., Long Branch, 
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This is really too good a bargain to miss out on! I'll 
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New Books and More!

I am thrilled to annouce the birth of two new Enchanted 
Self babies! Both are doing well and both are eager to 
come and play at your house! The first is Feel Good Stories, 
a book filled with laughter, wisdom and the human-side of 
life as only Bernice Becker, my wonderful Feel Good mom of 
85 can write for us! It is the first Enchanted Self Book that 
is not written by me! Will your wonderous thoughts be one 
of the future books?  
Anyway, come and look at her book, read an excerpt and 
hear her, by going to   
The second new baby, DELIGHT, is my baby-kicking up a 
storm as my journey of growth both emotional and spiritual 
is shared with you. And she isn't leaving until you come 
along! This is a CD-rom. You put the CD-rom in your 
computer-read my book, hear my voice, hear music and 
see wonderful art. This is a treat.  Please go to for 
more information. 

For all information on ENCHANTED SELF products go

E-group: Connect with others like you!

e-Radio Magazine

I am thrilled to announce that I now have an e-radio 
magazine, of course called THE ENCHANTED SELF. You can 
hear my monthly magazine by going to and look for THE ENCHANTED SELF.   
This month's edition is IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! Next week 
there will be a new edition entitled ACTS OF KINDNESS. I 
have on amazing guests, come and listen!


Find out "what's right with you--not what's
wrong!" Come chat with other "Enchanted Self-ers" 
Membership is free and you will have access to our 
on-line calendar, message board, chat room, and 
more.  It's a great way to connect with others who 
are exploring, creating and sharing their own 
positive and satisfying lives.  See you there!

Have an "enchanting" month.  I wish you all many
enchanted moments!

Forwarding & Reprinting
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rights reserved.
Please feel free to pass this issue on to someone
who might enjoy it.  The Enchanted Self Newsletter
is copyrighted but may be quoted, reprinted, or
distributed in whole or part without prior
permission, provided the content is not changed
and attribution is given including:
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
I also encourage you to include this material in
other publications, such as self-healing and
professional psychology newsletters. However, I
do ask that you contact me beforehand for
permission and send a sample issue.

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