Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein's THE ENCHANTED SELF®

For Immediate Release: The Delight of Self-Discovery Enchants in a New Multimedia Book Psychologist Dr. Barbara Holstein shares her exploration of her Jewish roots.

Sonora, CA (PRWEB) January 27, 2005 -- “Something was wrong — really wrong. And I believed it had something to do with the proverbial baby being thrown out with the bath water. The baby was my lost essence as a Jewish woman, and I desperately needed it back! I had finally realized that the hole in my heart would not go away without taking that long overdue journey back to my essence. As I took my journey I realized that a trip home to 'herself' is something every woman needs to do at least once. It is difficult and the path is uncertain but the reward is a fullness in her heart that bubbles over with pleasure!" This insight spurred Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein to action.

Her remarkable new multimedia book, Delight ( LadybugPress: January, 2005, $ 19.85) combines text, art and the spoken word in a dynamic multimedia CD that utilizes modern technology to provide an engaging, multifaceted experience. Artwork by Mier Goukman and Sori Gottdenker illuminates the text on many pages. Cantor Bernard Walters provided magical music. At certain points in the production, Dr. Holstein’s voice enters into the conversation, sharing a vivid comment or anecdote. The whole effect is one of a magical journey into the stories of her past.

Reviewers are unanimous in their praise of the book. “…she does have a job to do - to provide joy - and she accomplished that goal insuch a delightful book. May we all grow, learn, and live each day in a positive way - as she guides each of us on our own journey - wherever it may lead.....” Frieda Resnick. Paul Weinberg, President of Alden Films, commented.....“Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein’s sharing of her Judaic journey, from somewhat affiliated to fully involved, is both sensitive and charming. Tidbits of psychological observations smoothly meld in with the personal tales of Holstein and others, touching on all facets of Jewish traditions, holidays, and everyday wonders of enchantment. A fast-paced attention grabbing read for a pleasant afternoon!” While her own experiences are Jewish, this creative multimedia production showcases Dr. Holstein’s ideas in a magical way that provides a road to joy and enchantment to people of any religious tradition.

About Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein Dr. Holstein originated the concept of the “Enchanted Self”. She has practiced positive psychology with women in private practice since 1981. Her two previous books are The Enchanted Self, A Positive Therapy, (published in 1997) and Recipes for Enchantment, The Secret Ingredient is YOU!, (published in 2001) The magic of the human spirit, with its capacity for survival, growth and joy, has always intrigued Dr. Holstein. She is committed to bringing the world the keys to enchantment so everyone can have hope and a joyful life.

In addition to being a prolific writer, Dr. Holstein speaks regularly on radio programs around the country, and on the internet at www.ladybuglive.com, where she hosts the internet radio program The Enchantress Within. She also appears on television and gives lectures, seminars, and retreats on the concepts of enchantment. She is in private practice in Long Branch, New Jersey with her husband, Dr. Russell M. Holstein.

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