The Enchanted Self has launched its own affiliate program.

New Affiliate Program

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, is the originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF® (, a method of bringing delight and meaning into everyday living. She is the author of two popular books "THE ENCHANTED SELF: A Positive Therapy, and "RECIPES FOR ENCHANTMENT: The Secret Ingredient is YOU!" Besides that one may also find inspirational women products (necklaces, purses etc.) and CD's.

The Enchanted Self Affiliate Program can help one to make some extra money and side-by-side aid others in achieveing a positive self image and living joyfully. One can earn 30% commission paid for all affiliate sales. It is a 2-tier system and all second level sales also entitles one to a 5% commission. The percentage of commission offered is considered as high in the industry. Following are the products promoting which as an affiliate one can earn money: 1. Enchanted Self Women Products. 2. Enchanted Self Books and newsletters – printed as well as e-books 3. Enchanted Self Tele-Classes 4. Enchanted Self CD’s These products are selling well and converting 1% of visitors to sales or higher. To learn more about the affiliate program visit: All queries may be addressed to Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein at