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Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein's THE ENCHANTED SELF

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  The Enchantress of Positive Psychology and the Gabbie Cabbie Meet in Cyber Space!

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, nationally known positive psychologist and GabbieCabbie the internationally known New York cab driver who talks to millions every week were together on THE ENCHANTRESS WITHIN audio show. This show, hosted by Dr. Holstein, can be heard 24/7 at www.ladybuglive.com or www.enchantedself.com. Together they were a blast-talking about all sorts of stories and what it is like to bring news to the world. The GabbieCabbie is an amazing man, dedicated to bringing New York City 'live' to all the people of the world. And he has just about succeeded. Get to know him better at www.gabbiecabbie.com.

Dr. Holstein, in private practice since 1981 in New Jersey, has taken her vision of psychological well-being and how to achieve a life of meaning and joy to the public and other clinicians for many years.

Her Enchanted Self concepts derive from research she did with women and from her private practice experiences. She uses what she has learned about human potential to help us recall positive memories, regardless of our history, recognize our unique talents, and bring into our lives more of what gives us pleasure and joy. This is all combined with daily positive actions.

To learn more about the concepts of The Enchanted Self, visit web sites http://www.enchantedself.com and http://www.psychjourney.com where you can read articles, get information on her tele-classes, Internet chats and television appearances or sign up for her popular e-newsletter. If you want to share your own personal magic with others join her e-group at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/encself/join.


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