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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  TV Show ‘Recipes for Enchantment’ Focuses on Positive Relationships!

Ocean, NJ – February 20, 2002 :  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Author, Life Coach, and Originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF, hosts an inspirational/self-help program that will help you focus on how to feel good about yourself.

Dr. Holstein appears regularly on New York 's monthly cable TV show called Prime Time Life: Uniquely You Now.  Interested viewers can tune in on Wednesday, February 20, 2002 at 7:30 PM EST to UHF channels 27 and 35.  This show will also be rebroadcast on Wednesday, March 6, 2002 on cable 57 in Manhattan at 8:00 PM .

Dr. Holstein will be discussing the power of positive relationships and her special guest will be Thor the Barbarian.  Focusing on the importance of Valentine’s Day, the two will be discussing how Venus talks to Mars.  They will also discuss the importance of this time of year and how we all need to communicate in special relationships.

Dr. Holstein has been a psychologist in private practice since 1981.  Through the practice that she shares with her husband, Dr. Russell Holstein, they have created a long overdue shift in psychology by emphasizing what's right with us, rather than what's wrong.  She offers a new way of looking at your life ... your own 'enchanted self'.  Her goal is to inspire and encourage you to achieve your positive states of mind, body, and spirit. 

To learn more about the concepts of The Enchanted Self, you can read Dr. Holstein’s first book, THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy, which is now in its second printing.  Her second book, RECIPES FOR ENCHANTMENT, The secret ingredient is YOU! is available through 1st Books Library at www.1stbooks.com.  You can also visit her web site at http://www.enchantedself.com.  If you want to share your own personal magic with others join her e-group at http://www.egroups.com/subscribe/encself.

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