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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ‘Enchanted Self’ Creator Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein on KNUS

Denver, CO, October 20, 2001Mary Beth Dixson, journalist for KNUS’s “Colorado Issues” will be speaking with author, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, author and originator of ‘The Enchanted Self’.  Dr. Holstein will be discussing the impact of the tragedies of September 11th.

During the half hour show Ms. Dixson will focus on the impact that the attacks of September 11th have had on the mood of the nation with a particular interest in the mood and reality issues of people who have been laid off as a consequence of the terrorism.  The discussion will also illustrate how this has particular relevance to Denver, as Denver's employment depends upon the air industry. 

Also discussed will be the many consequences of terrorism–-particularly the emotional ramifications.  Dr. Holstein will offer practical and inspirational ideas for listeners showing ways to turn adversity into triumph.  She will also explain in detail her “Seven Gateways to Enchantment” and how each can be used to fight back the negative and discouraging feelings that people feel when they are victimized.

Dr. Holstein has spent more than a decade researching personal enchantment.  She teaches us how to recall positive memories, regardless of our history, recognize our potential, and bring more pleasure and joy into our lives through daily positive actions.

Dr. Holstein has been a psychologist in private practice and licensed in the state of New Jersey and Massachusetts since 1981.  She has been spreading her message of enchantment through her first book, The Enchanted Self, as well as print and electronic newsletters, workshops, tele-classes, radio, and her web site at www.enchantedself.com.

To learn more about Dr. Holstein, tune into KNUS 710 AM or one of KNUS’ other stations on October 20th.  The show will also be repeated on October 21st.

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