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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Helping a Disenchanted Public Enjoy Enchantment


Ocean, NJ – August, 2001:  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Author, Life Coach, and Originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF, will be presenting at the American Psychological Association Meetings in San Francisco, California on August 28, 2001 at 1:00 PM.  Her topic is "Helping a Disenchanted Public Enjoy Enchantment".


The Symposium for which she is a panelist is entitled "Mentoring the Public Through the Media".  Dr. Holstein will talk about how she reaches out to the public via her e-mail newsletter and web site, as well as radio and audio shows on the web, television, virtual classes and workshops to encourage optimism, hope and happiness.


The Enchanted Self concepts stem from a culmination of over ten years of work and research in the field of personal enchantment by Dr. Holstein.  She teaches us how to recall positive memories, regardless of our history, recognize our potential, and bring into our lives more of what gives us pleasure and joy.  This is all combined with daily positive actions.


Dr. Holstein has been a psychologist in private practice since 1981.  Through the practice that she shares with her husband, Dr. Russell Holstein, they have created a long overdue shift in psychology by emphasizing what's right with us, rather than what's wrong.  She offers a new way of looking at your life ... your own 'enchanted self'.  Her goal is to inspire and encourage you to achieve your positive states of mind, body, and spirit. 


She writes, “In my 20 years as a psychologist in private practice, I have become convinced that most people, whether in treatment or not, are unhappy at least some of the time.  They are unhappy because of earlier hurts and traumas, and present frustrations and problems.  Also they are unhappy because they cannot readily enough access joy.  We simply don't learn how to practice positive states of well-being.  I have found that positive use of memory retrieval is a critical factor in our capacity to access joy and practice being in a good mood. Most contemporary psychotherapy minimizes the accessing of earlier states of well-being and the joys associated with them, favoring a disease model that looks for dysfunction in one's past. My work with clients and the public has confirmed that we can practice using our memory retrieval systems to uncover our talents, interests, preferences, potentials and capacities for increased happiness.  I have developed a system of growth promoting strategies that are easy to learn and to incorporate into daily life.  These strategies help to unleash out true inner power and joy. The Enchanted Self project has grown over the last nine years.”

To learn more about the concepts of The Enchanted Self, you can read Dr. Holstein’s first book, THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy which is now in its second printing.  RECIPES FOR ENCHANTMENT, The secret ingredient is YOU! is now available from local booksellers and 1st Books Library at www.1stbooks.com.  You can also visit her web site at www.enchantedself.com to sign up for a free newsletter and learn about her e-group.


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