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Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein's THE ENCHANTED SELF

Recipes for Enchantment: The Secret Ingredient is YOU! gets released through 1st Books™ Library

August, 2000, Long Branch, NJ:  About the Book.  Come meet two street children from Brazil who profoundly influenced, for the good, a sophisticated American woman.  Read about Sal, a soldier suffering from an almost fatal wound, miraculously saved by love letters.  Meet Joey, a young boy so sick with cancer that his family was losing hope, whose condition dramatically improved when a teacher simply did her job.  You will meet all these people - and many more -- In Recipes for Enchantment: The Secret Ingredient is You! by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein. Their stories will inspire you. They will help you realize that by acting in positive ways, we can all make a difference.

But the stories will do more than provide inspiration. Dr. Holstein believes that practice is essential to live a life of joy and meaning. Accordingly, each personal account is accompanied by a discussion that serves as a springboard for further soul-searching. These questions and exercises will give readers an opportunity to reflect on what they've read, to dream, to write in their own journals, and to determine how they can act on what they've learned - to translate feelings into actions and make positive changes in their own lives. In this way, they will discovery their own unique gifts and how best to use them.

According to Dr. Holstein, everyone has positive memories to recall. Her book will help readers to uncover and reconnect with their happy recollections, and to incorporate joy and pleasure into their lives. In this way, her grateful readers will learn to "cook" delicious recipes for enchantment every day.

Recipes for Enchantment: The Secret Ingredient is You! by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein is a breakthrough book, gracefully interweaving psychology/self-help with inspiration. Dr. Holstein, a "positive" psychologist, is passionate about teaching people how to live lives of joy and meaning. There's one basic recipe: combine unique positive thoughts and feelings with positive actions.

Do this every day, and the rest will take care of itself -- as if by magic!

About the Author.  Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein is a nationally known leader in Positive Psychology. Her first book, The Enchanted Self - A Positive Therapy, challenged outdated psychological behaviors and attitudes. It taught clinicians and the public how to recognize what is right about each of us rather than what is wrong. Her emphasis on positive memory retrieval profoundly changed the focus within the treatment room, enabling clients and readers to reclaim their lost talents and potential, no matter how dysfunctional their past may have been.

To spread her message of joy and positive action, Dr. Holstein is an active media presence. She hosts a weekly radio show "The Enchanted Self," 1100 AM Phoenix, AZ and 990 AM Providence, RI and makes frequent television appearances as well. Her traditional and on-line newsletters have an international readership, and her website-- www.enchantedself.com  -- is a clearing house of good news and learning opportunities where readers from around the world can join together and practice enchantment.

Dr. Holstein is available for media interviews, teleconferences, hands-on workshops, lectures and personal coaching. She can be reached at 1-877-BJOYFUL, or by email, at: encself@aol.com.