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A Taste of Enchantment - August 15, 2003


"Dedicated to helping you attain joy, happiness and well-being."

Produced by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Psychologist, Steps-to-Happiness Coach,

and Originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF®



Welcome to the mid-month publication of The Enchanted Self's e-newsletter! This month, instead of responding to a  question, I would like to share the second part of our uplifting story with you. Enjoy!


Even a Banana Can Be a Miracle – Part Two
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein


Thank you for staying with me for this two-part article: a wonderful story about the great Divine. In the first part we went on journey with a mother
and son to Germany. In this part, we will learn how their journey ended wonderfully and follow up with an exercise that helps you remember a time when a small thing turned an awful event into a blessed memory.




Ruth tried to offset his blues by telling him, "No, we’re never alone. God is always with us. We have each other. I have some goodies that we will have
later on Shabbos. And I'll tell you stories. Don't worry, we’ll have fun."

But her mood was also quickly declining as much as she tried to stay optimistic and buoyant. To top it off, as they were standing in the corridor, waiting
for the elevator back to their room to shower and change for Shabbos, she suddenly remembered that she had not taken her potassium in several days.

In fact, perhaps that was part of the reason why she was feeling off. She really needed potassium and now had no way of getting it on Shabbos. She was thinking to herself that even a banana would be helpful. But it was off-season for bananas. She hadn’t seen any bananas on the hospital trays since
they arrived.

Now, there was no time to go outside and shop. This was awful. They had only 40 minutes to Shabbos. These anxiety-provoking thoughts filled her brain as Yakov stood next to her. He looked so sad himself, kicking his little foot against the wall in a kind of random act of wasted motion as they waited for the elevator.

She wondered how in the world she could stay buoyant enough for both of them. They both noticed a family going by, a father, mother and three children all holding hands. That was the last straw as Yakov looked at the family, particularly his eyes, filled with tears, focused on the father.

"I miss my daddy so much. I am miserable."

Ruth felt she was going to cry also. She admitted to herself that she was miserable and began to have some dark thoughts as to whether it was worth coming to Germany for the treatment.

They seemed to wait a very long time by the elevator. Finally the elevator arrived and the doors opened. No one else was in the elevator. But in the far left corner on the floor, Ruth was astonished to see a perfectly ripe, juicy, delicious looking banana lying there.

"Wow," she said to herself, "I guess I can have my potassium after all."

She swooped down and picked up the banana. Then the marvel of the moment came together for her.

* This is based on a true story. However, I took the liberty, after hearing the facts once, to augment and dramatize the story in my own fashion. I hope my story is in the spirit on the true small miracle that happened.

An Activity for YOU!  A Play-date with Wonderment

Can you remember a moment when things just weren't going right and then the smallest thing happened to make everything okay?  If you can, share the story with others over the next few weeks and enjoy it yourself, each time you tell it.

If you can't, put on your detective gear and stay alert for small positive outcomes. I am sure you will begin to notice and enjoy them. Some may be true
miracles, as the banana was, and others may be the result of your own talents and capacities to make things all right. Both deserve praise and being

I hope you have a wonderful time counting positive events in your life!

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Have an "enchanting" month.  I wish you all many enchanted moments!