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A TASTE OF ENCHANTMENT: March 2003 Special Edition

"Dedicated to helping you attain joy, happiness and well-being."

Produced by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Psychologist, Life Coach, and Originator of



Welcome to the mid-month publication of The Enchanted Self's e-newsletter!  Each month I typically focus on (and respond to) a question about enchantment and/or a reader's ideas on enchantment.


Dear Readers,

I thought it would be lovely this month, which is Women's History Month, to think of our bodies when we think of our Enchanted Selves.  So often we forget those poor items that we just drag around with us!  They are most precious and to help us understand the wonderment of ourselves. 

Speaking of history, one of my personal mentors, although I never met her, was Isadora Duncan, the creative dancer, who brought the beginnings of modern dance to the world.  She was brave and remarkable for her time, dressing in loose clothing that swirled around her, showing her body's beauty and movement as she danced around the world.  I'm talking about the late 1800's through the 20's!  These were times when it was still amazing to see a woman's ankle and women's bodies were sorely restricted by corsets and other uncomfortable extra layers of clothing.

Isadora had profound insight into the natural nature of movement and how important it is to feel free and at ease within one's own body.  All of us that have sat too long at work, in the car or on a plane can certainly understand fully how terrible it feels to not be kind to our muscles and joints! 

Yes, Isadora Duncan became a beacon of light and hope for me.  Because she lived and dared, I have had more courage to teach about the mental and physical aspects of THE ENCHANTED SELF.  Let me share with you a couple of her words: "Oh, she is coming, the woman of tomorrow.  The highest intelligence in the freest body."

May she come soon to be inside all of us! To further celebrate Women's History Month and our bodies, I have invited Barbara Knight, a specialist in body alignment and a dancer, to share her thoughts and feelings about Enchantment with us.


Movement in Tune with Creation

By Guest Writer, Barbara Knight

Within each of us dwells an Enchanted Self, if only we will let it live and be. As I was sharing with Barbara the sense of blessing and enchantment that I have found in my work in body alignment, enchanted memories spilled like a fountain from other parts of my life.

No one's career is without its frustrations. My Enchanted Self, however, makes my life's work a journey of sharing rather than a career. The places I have gone have become my life's landscape, and the people with whom I have been led to work are its monuments.

Each of my special clients has unique attributes and needs, and around these we develop a unique and special healing and sharing relationship. The strength of each of these relationships fills me with renewed joy and replenishes my energies. One client may share with me her fears and uncertainties; through the energies re-channeled in her body work, these fears and uncertainties melt into a posture of courage and personal strength.

As my clients begin to move in their own harmonies, their souls evolve and radiate energy into my life. My connection to them as their healer and teacher becomes a source of strength to both of us, and sends each of us home at the end of our time together full of the special joys of shared pleasures. A moment watching the snow drift down--a new movement that reminds us of a past pleasure or favorite activity, a brief interruption to enjoy the antics of a nearby pet--all of these and more embellish the time we spend together, touching special parts of our spirits and illuminating future precious moments.

To move, singularly or in synchrony, is to rejoice in the music of Creation. When we move, we are the Sun arousing the blossom from its bud, the flower unfolding, the wind guiding the bird, the butterfly on the edge of a leaf. When we move together, we join with the Earth and we echo other eternal harmonies of life.

Barbara Knight can be reached at 732-744-3171.


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