The Enchanted Self           — by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein


Keep an inventory list of your possessions:

• Your talents

• Your strengths

• Your coping skills

• Your potential abilities

• Your potential talents

• Your potential strengths

• You endurance capacities

• The numbers of times you have laughed

• The numbers of times you have cheered up someone

• The numbers of times you have come up with a good solution

• The numbers of times you kept quiet and didn't talk behind someone's back

Make sure your inventory is up to date.  And don't be afraid to expand it.   You will never need to rent a storage locker!

— © Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

In private practice since 1981, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, psychologist and originator of The Enchanted Self, has committed to bring the keys of enchantment to the world.

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